Welcome to afrikom

afrikom is a skill development centre that offers enriching learning experience using Information Technology (IT) as a hub to economic innovation which provides opportunity for individuals to develop their potentials.

The Centre believes that the rewards can be great for individuals who embrace the twin goals of economic innovation and Information Technology for self development.

Our training are hands-on to help individuals improve and promote their vocational and ICT proficiency skills for wealth creation.

The programmes are designed to help individuals to improve on their technical and entrepreneurial competencies. We do not have age and qualification bars. Our lessons are unforgettable; we avoid being too academic and strive to make the training interesting by engaging our students to discover their potentials. At your own pace, on your own time you can learn so many things.

Are you looking for where you can acquire new skills? Explore our wide range of programmes that can help you broaden your skillset.

Navigate through our website, find out what interests you, and join the family of joyous learners.

Welcome to afrikom!