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Extra Mural Studies

The extra Mural classes provide opportunity to many of our students who desire to remedy their 'O' level papers while still acquiring their vocational & entrepreneurial skills.

The goal is to help the students solved their problems so that they can progress with their educational pursuit. We hold classes in the morning, afternoon and evenings.

Our admission procedures are very easy. Download the application form, fill the form with a photograph and return the form to the centre. You are expected to pay your tuition fees before you start attending the tutorial. We are sorry that the Centre does not have pay-pal system in place, so you will have to come yourself or send somebody with cash fees and your details.

For any doubts, you are welcome to visit or call (09023254772) the office of the Extra-Mural Studies. It is a very friendly place, the Director of the Centre is Mr Augustine Damar.

You are welcome to our Extra-Mural Studies!