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Adult Education & Apprenticeship programme

The adult education programme is designed to enhance adults' ability to improve their future job and educational possibilities.

The programme has variety of learning options for participants at their spare times they can learn so many things that will help them unleash their hidden potentials.


Adult Literacy & Basic Skills
The target groups are young and mature adults who never attended or completed primary / lower secondary education and have a need to improve or supplement their basic education.

The coursework generally includes basic literacy courses for non-readers or readers with limited skills, such as non-native English speakers.

Small business apprenticeship programme
In an effort to cultivate entrepreneurial activity, afrikom has introduced the “small business apprenticeship” programme aim to properly transfer vocational skills to the next general of entrepreneurs.

The programs will also offer guidance around business issues such writing business plan, easier access to capital and provide management training in accounting, marketing, etc

Who register for the training?
The person who is over 18 years old and want to know how to read and write or want to develop himself/herself by acquiring any vocational skills.

How do I register?
Pick the registration form at the centre or download the form and return the completed form to the centre at the cost of N1, 000.

How many times do I attend the classes?
The classes are 5 days in a week from Mondays to Fridays and 2 hours daily (4-6pm)

What are the cost implications?


Description of items

Amount (Naira)


Adult Class (primary)

2,500 monthly


Adult Class (junior secondary)

3,000 monthly


Computer training (diploma)

15,000 for 6 months


Computer training (certificate)

10,000 for 3 months


Apprenticeship (Tailoring, knitting, aluminum fabrication, welding etc

25, 000 for 6 months