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Our Future Plan

The Federal Government of Nigeria have admitted that unemployment is on the increase every year and the economic meltdown will increase the pressure which may engulf everyone if nothing is done on the unemployment situation in the country.

The future of Nigeria’s economy isĀ  Micro, Small and Medium-Scale EnterprisesĀ (MSMEs) because they can provide more than enough jobs to the unemployed if empowered.

afrikom is collaborating with some experienced artisans and organisations to promote vocational and entrepreneurial skills acquisition, development of technical competencies and self-reliance in youths in Plateau State and Nigeria in general.

Below are the proposed programmes in the centre:
1. Electrical Installation
2. Electronics repairs & Battery charger/inverter construction
3. Fabrication/Welding/Pipe Work
4. Catering
5. Tailoring/Fashion Design
6. Carpentry/Furniture
7 Refrigeration and Air conditioning
8. Cosmetology
9. Agro-Allied
10.Mentorship programme